Ultima I - Day 2

I’m now ready to explore the deeper levels of the dungeons and try to kill the monsters as requested by the kings. In return the will give me the gems needed to use the time machine to travel back in time.

I just want to show the superior difference in graphics on the Apple IIgs. Not sure why the dungeon walls were not updated?

Ranger IBM 1986 remake:


Skeleton Apple IIgs:

Skeleton Apple IIgs

In order to complete the quests in the dungeons it makes life so much easier if you buy a load of Ladder Up/Down spells. Gets you out of tight situations. Venturing down I hack and slash my way through the quests.

Ultima I

After collecting all the gems I rescue one of the princesses from the castle jail and she tells me I need to become a space ace. I invest some gold in a shuttle, space suite and I blast off into space.

This part of the game was quiet hard and boring. Not sure why it was included. At first I kept running out of fuel and dying. Then I got the knack of it and shot down my share of tie fighters.


You basically have to fly through hyperspace and kill tie fighters. The docking park is quiet hard. Takes some messing around to get your shipped docked correctly. Not my idea of fun.


Once you kill 20 tie fighters you can return to Earth and speak with the princess again. She tells you of a time machine on some distant island.

Time Machine

Taking my air car I head down. Once inside I insert the gems into place and the time machine starts to come to life.

Time Machine

Time Machine

Time Machine

Time Machine

This is it. The final fight with the evil wizard Mondain. He doges about and then changes into a bat but is no match for my blaster. The mighty Mondain falls down.


Mondain Killed

Well, that was Ultima I. The evil wizard Mondain has beens stopped and Sosaria has been saved. I was a little upset not too see the famous California Pacific message at the end of the game. Guess we’re playing the remake here.

Ultima I end of game

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