Ultima VII - Day 14

I arrived on New Magnicia with no problems but I've lost my ship Lord British gave me. Don't remember where I parked it and its starting to annoy me. I'm sure it will turn up at some point. No GPS I'm afraid. After speaking with Alagner he informed my I needed to speak to the Tortured One on Skara Brae. I made my way there, paying 2g to cross the channel.

Skara Brae was destroyed by a great fire and all the habitants killed. Everyone seems to blame the alchemist Caine for the fire but after speaking to people we find the real reason is not so. After entering into the kitchen of the local tavern Iolo seems to barf he's guts up and pass out. haha

After speaking to Mistress Mordra things start to unfold. The Liche Horrace must be destroyed to restore the town's glory. This involved recreating the dangerous potion that caused the fire in the first place.

After creating the potion I headed up to the dark tower and fronted the liche. I also had the iron cage built and socked in the well of souls. I had to organise my load in order to carry it. Wam, bam, thankyou man and Horrace was restored. He gave me the burning staff and ordered me to destroy the well of souls. Once destroyed I spoke to Caine again and he told me the answer to the question of life.

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