Ultima VII Part Two - Day 3

The moment we arrive Captain Hawk leaves us in the direction of the nearest pub. Moonshade is the isle of the mages. After wandering around I discovered that some of the mages consider me mundane. How rude. I found out to get my spell book back I need to gather 4 fresh mandrake roots from Monk Isle. Maybe then they will consider me a mage?

Exploring a little of the island I found some strange sights. Some naked woman in the bush.


Some hacked up woman in the bush.

Dead wench

Before heading off on my spell book quest I was invited to another banquet, this time by Filbercio, the mage lord. The banquet was rudely disseminated by Rotoluncias threats.

Fibercio - Monshade

I also discovered that Gwenno is dead, or supposedly in the future she dies. Interesting. Iolo does not seem too happy.

Heavy Metal?

My next thing on the list was to find the mad mage, Erstam. I had to call the giant turtle to carry me to his isle. Erstam is very eccentric. They say he knows how to teleport. After speaking with him I learn that he is trying to understand the creation of life. I assist him creating life and he rewards me with the jawbone and some teeth. This allows me to teleport around Serpents Isle using the serpent gates.

Heading to see Erstam

I teleport over to Monk Island where I find another serpent gate.

Serpents Gate
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