Ultima III - Day 3

I’ve been waiting for a pirate ship to return and it seems like it's taking for ever. Finally after a long wait and many battles I’ve captured a pirate ship and I navigate my way around Sosaria then suddenly my ship is sucked into a whirlpool.




I wake up and find myself in Ambrosia. Its pretty weird that when you level your stats don’t go up. The way to increase you stats is to visit the shrines and leave an offering. 100 got for 1 point. Pretty expensive.

I explore Ambrosia and locate the four shrines. I also run into some wild horses. I hear they can be tamed. I have not worked out how to do this yet.

Wild Horses

This is the shrine of strength.

Shrine of Strength

What I did forget to bring were more keys and more food. I regrettably need to return to Sosaria for more supplies.

Before doing so I find Reesie. I’m guessing something is here but I forgot to search and will need to return to her.


Back in Sosaria and I’m attacked and poisoned again. This is really starting to get to me. Ultima III is a great game but very slow. You are in battle every 2 minutes. Exploring the land is a real pain as there are so many monsters.

Enough complaining, the moons are in the right position and I locate the mystical city of Dawn. I invest in some +2 bows for my Paladin and Fighter. These things seems to work great.


Now I need to build my characters up more. A few more trips to Ambrosia and get the rest of the marks.

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