Ultima VII - Day 7

Despise - Ultima VII

Despise. This is a classic dungeon in Ultima VII. Pretty complex to remember if this is your first time. I referred to The Key to The Black Gate clue book a few times because there are so many teleport traps around. Entering inside I cast "IN LOR" and proceeded to discover what treasures lay in the deep dark depths.

Despise nasties

Iolo keep getting burnt when I passed by the cavern of fire. Heading further north I stumbled upon a red moongate. Not sure what the circular thing is for and can't seem to get any closer. Maybe its hidden meaning will unfolded as the plot thickens.

Despise - Thingy

You might notice more screenshots from now on as I worked out Dosbox has a screen capture key command sequence. :-P I'm going to have to break exploring Despise into two days I think. I found the evil mages and they seemed to wipe my entire party out as they were teleported around the invisible staircases. My hoe just did not save me.

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