Ultima VII - Day 15

Took me ages to work out how to get Alegner's notebook. The problem being stacking crates to make a staircase. But in the end I got it.

The next step was to return to the Wisps and see if the Time Lord was ready for me. Indeed he way. After blowing the whistle the Wisps appeared again and mentioned I needed to use the orb of moons to contact the Time Lord.

No Tom Baker but the next best thing. After speaking with the Time Lord it was clear the Guardian was on his way. I need to destroy his generators. Wam bam, thankyou Mam and I go the first one destroyed.

After jumping moon gates I got the cube. I now hove to head off to Meditation Retreat as there is another device there which needs my handy work. I must remember to return the notebook to Alegner. He clearly stated it must be returned.

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