Ultima VII - Day 6

Telescope Moonglow

Thy mighty telescope in Moonglow, sort of like the all seeing eye from the Lord of the Rings. I have been in and out and not had much time to sit down and play so today I concentrated on the town of Moonglow.

The main quest brings you here and once again we find Elizabeth and Abraham have headed off to their next destination, Terfin. I did wake the mage Penumbra from her long sleep by placing the various objects next to the plaque on the foot of her door. Luckily I had 4 pieces of blackrock to stabilise the ether field in her house. She is also sending me to Terfin to try and locate King Draxinusom and the ethereal ring.

Penumbra's House

I also tried to find the Book of the Avatar in the Lycaeum but had no luck. They mentioned I should read it. Think I will need to come back and revisit Moonglow to explore a little more. Maybe the book will turn up. I did read nearly every other book there.

One thing I forgot to do was to join the fellowship (kinda important). I never went back a night to finish the ceromony. So off to Britain I went also to offload my golden nuggets and gems. I finally worked out what the hell those darn parrots are for. There is a stash of gold bars and other goodies to the south on one of the little islands. The parrot knows who's boss when you have a mallet in your hand. Use extreme caution upon entering because there is a darn trap in the entrance. I still have not worked out how to disarm them properly, well at all. I have the spell but it does not seem to do anything.

The Treasure

The questions to enter into Penumbra's house were tough but fun. I'm happy I know what the parrots are for. hehe.

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