Ultima VII - Day 2


Help, some stray dog won't leave me alone. I did not remember how biiiiig Britain was. Loads of sub quests weave into the main story line. The first stop was to talk to Lord British. Being over two hundred years since I last saw him I felt it was time. Grabbing my stuff from his store room and punching Chuckles in the head I rushed out to explore Britain. Note: What the hell are those green parrots about? Is there treasure?

I wanted to find Batlin and see what all this Fellowship stuff was all about. He had an ill-look to him and something is not just right. He asked if I wanted to join the Fellowship. I had to deliver a box of some sort so I accepted. On the way out I once again pillaged the offering box. Iolo's must be getting a bad name for this.

Market Day

Lord British mentioned also about Rudyom in Cove and that I should urgently go and see him. After doing a few of the sub quests and then finally casting as "The Avatar" in a play, getting laughed off the stage I decided it was high time to leave for Cove.

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