Ultima VII Part Two - Day 1

I hastily arrived on the Serpents Isle after being teleported through the Serpent Pillars. I'm now entering into new ground as I never did get around to playing Serpents Isle. I did own it. You start off ship wreaked from the storms and as soon as you step foot on the Serpents Isle your friends seem to be teleported off and out of sight.

After wandering around I came across a strange monk called Thoxa. She hands me the hour glass of fate and explains that an ancient seer named Xenka foresaw my arrival. I continue south to find my friends (all execpt Iolo) and the town of Monitor. Lets his the pub, the slashing sword.

In Of The Sleeping Bull

Monitor is a strange town and everyone seems to be talking about the Knights Test. I decide to take it. Got through it only to find someone wanted me dead. Also when I got my official knights test tattoo Lyndia seemed to use a deadly poison on the needle. Killing her and rush to Fawn to look for a cure.


In Fawn I find Delphynia who cures me. After freeing Monitor from the goblins, unveiling the traitor and also rescuing Iolo from jail, I decide to head north to Fawn. Beautiful white city.

White tiles

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