Ultima VII - Day 13

Too little time to game. Arrrgh, life seems to be taking me over more and more. Lets get back to reality....

In order to complete the last part of the Forge Of Virtue you need to grab the two artifacts from the museum in Britannia and set them next to the Orb of Exodus. Kabooom and its all over. Great addon. I'm hoping the Silver Seed will be as cool as this was.

After completing the Forge of Virtue I could not resist in returning to Britannia and letting my Black Sword loose on Lord British. Felt good to test it out. I then had to take on the entire castle. No worries my Black Sword took them all out.

A little later and restoring my game I went back to Britannia and offloaded all my gold and gems. Feeling lighter than ever I decided the next step wold be New Magnicia.

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