Ultima VII - Day 4

What's the deal with Kreg? Is he an infiltrator? I arrived at Empath Abbey to be greeted by him and he was asking about an invisibility potion, to do no good I gather. Can't remember exactly what I said but he then started to attack me. He then stuck his head in the way of my hoe. The other monks did not seem to know who he was. Hmmmm Guess we will never know.

After talking with Taylor it was clearer what direction I need to head in. He mentioned I needed to seek the Emps in the forrest of Yew. A slight detour first to pick up the magic carpet Rudyom had talked about. The magic carpet is pretty cool. I never got this far before so this was the first time I had seen it. Seems kind of like cheating but Britannia is so big it does help to travel around. I also worked out how to use the virtue stones I nabbed from the museum in Britain.

Magic Carpet

It took me a while to find the Emps and the woodcutter in the forest and after convincing them to make me thy magic whistle I contacted the wisps. The Wisps want me to seek out the Undrian Council in New Magincia. Looking forward to that, one step closer to meeting the time-lord. I can really start to appreciate the depth and amazing job Lord British and his team did back in the 1990's. Its was a real shame to see later on Origin Systems being eaten from the inside out by EA. Especially after making Ultima VII. But it all makes sense now, Elizabeth & Abraham, EA.

Speaking of the infamous two Batlin did say they were in Jhelom and I should seek them out. I decided I would follow that quest a bit more to see where I end up. I've done a few dungeons like Destard and managed to get some nice gems and gold. The dragons were pretty tough as I did not have enough sleep potions. I still have not worked out how to detect or disarm traps. The spells don't seem to do anything? Any comments most welcome.

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