Ultima VII - Day 18

Before heading to Buccaneers Den I stopped off at New Magincia to return Alagner's Notebook. What I found was not pretty.


Guess he spoke too much and needed to be silenced. I left and headed to Buccaneers Den.

Buccaneers Den, a pirate city and smelling of corruption. I needed to locate Hook and his crew and this proved to be harder than I thought but I did manage to find a secret door in the gambling house which lead me to Hooks room where I found the black gate key.

I hurried off to the Isle of the Avatar to find him.


Though the deadliest of dungeons and battling Dragons I stumble my way closer and closer to the black gate.

Dragons Dead

I found Hook along with Batlin, Elizabeth and Abraham. They were not too happy to see me. The battle broke out and they were slain.


I then placed the various cubes, prisms on the pedestals to stop the guarding from coming through. Time was of the essence but luck was on my side.

The Black Gate

The guardian was stopped in his tracks and the black gate was shattered into a million pieces.





Black Gate Destroyed

Black Gate Destroyed

The Black Gate is no more.

Shall we call?

Ultima VII in my books goes down as one of the greatest games of all times. It was daunting back when it was released and I never finished it. Now some 16 years later I managed to gather all my strength and defeat the guardian. Would be good to tell Lord British of my accomplishment but somehow I think Lord British is not the man he used to be...

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