Ultima VII - Day 16 & 17

Quiet a long time has passed and Britannia is nearing to the alignment of planets. I feel the Guardian is near. He wants to break through the black gate.

Seek Zorn

My last task is to destroy the cube. I managed to locate it in a cave in Meditation Retreat but need some sort of protection against its evil death rays that seem to radiate out of it. The people in Moonglow told me I should seek Zorn in Minoc. He could build a special caddellite helmet that would protect me against the death rays.

Rumor is the caddellite is only found in the lost island of Ambrosia. The island is in the north and upon arriving you are greeted by Kissme.

Little Folk

I explored the cave and found the Hydra who was protecting the caddallite. He was not happily willing to part with it so I unleashed the black sword on him. In seconds he was slain.

Don't kill me please

I found the secret lever to open the door then grabbed the caddallite and headed back to Minoc. As promised Zorn created my helmet. Taking my magic carpet I arrived at the entrance to the cube.

Leaving my friends at the entrance I walked in. Flashes and darkness, I was transformed to the guardians home ground.

Hard Puzzle

This maze was pretty hard. Took me ages to work out where all the triggers were for the bridges. A couple of days later, trying different angles I managed to arrive at the cube in the centre. One final test from the chaps at Origin.


Taking the cube and the maze imploded, spitting me out like a water mellon seed. My friends happily greeted me and we headed off for Buccaneers Den.
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