Ultima VIII - Day 12

Things starting to warm up here. I can feel Pyros is close. I have now ventured deep into the Obsidian fortress where I’m presented with 4 trials where I need to recover a symbol from each.

I’m warmly welcomed by a mage who is worried I will steal his secrets. He’s right :)

Dead Mage

There certainly are some strange things inside here. I’m attacked by children. They look possessed. Nothing the my magic sword can’t handle.

Dead Child

The trials are quiet easy. I make my way through each dodging giant spike balls, casting flash and endure heat to pass various tests. I collect all four symbols and return to Malchir. He is eagerly waiting for me with a hint of a smile upon his face.

Fire Test

More tests


I now must duel with Malchir, his time has come. Its a pretty tough battle as he is very powerful. I have to summon a daemon in order to defeat him.


I loot form his body the book “Destruction of the temple” and the Tongue of Flame. These allow me to be the new master of the enclave. Now its time to speak with Pyros. I head back to the giant Pentangle and walk across it. Now I have the tongue of flame Pyros is summoned.





Pyros speaks:

I now need to locate all the elements in order to destroy the guardian.
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