Ultima VII - Day 10

I was eager to get to Deceit today but I did not know where it was located. There aren't too many clues where to find the dungeon so I had to google it. Kind of cheating I know but I was eager. The location if off Dagger Isle. Once inside you need to make sure you have loads of regents as there are so many traps and monsters.

Still my detect traps spell was not working. I don't know why but it does not seem to work??? I ended up setting of loads as I made my way closer to the generator.

These drakes where tough and killed off my party until I got my battle plan sorted. I found loads of nice gems in this room. Also some magic armor.

The tetrahedron cube generator. I was going crazy to find out how to get inside. You need to make sure you wear the ethereal ring and not hold it like a weapon as I was doing.

The tetrahedron cube generator

Once inside I was mamed by the ethereal monster. I then had to arm myself with a glass sword to kill my prey. After destroying the generator you are thrown back to Deceit. Lucky I picked up the glass sword because there's no way I could of taken the damage without it.

Rift in time

No more harmful ethereal vibration. I guess the mages will be happier. After destroying the generator I decided it was time to make my way to the Isle of Fire to start the Forge Of Virtue. I really want the Black sword and I really hope it does not come with a free MT32 sound effect. The fire swords are basically un-usable if you run a Roland MT32. I wish there was a mod to turn of the stupid sound effects for these type of weapons. Really, what were the Ultima VII team thinking. Guess there were not too many Roland MT32's out there.

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