Ultima III - Day 4

After many trips to Ambrosia I build my stats up to a decent level. Now I don’t die as often as before. I’ve been challenging the dungeons to get my marks. Its been a long hard fight. I can’t say the fighting tactics are for my liking. Makes the game run very very slow.

I now have to brave Castle Exodus. This looks hard. I have the codeword given to me by the mages “EVOCARE”

Castle Exodus

I’m in after yelling the code word.


After bursting through the serpent I enter into Castle Exodus. Death is all around. I make my way straight up and get pretty much stuck in a dead end. I see a cleric who asks for help. Not sure what to do here? The only option I have is to kill him.

Castle Exodus

I decide to head west through fire and flame. As I have the marks I am not effected by fire nor force fields. Looks good. I pass through many dragons which nearly wipe me out and then I arrive to an area where the floor seems to eat me alive. This is very hard as the enemy is invisible.

Dangerous Floor

I’m here at the end of Ultima 3. This have been a long hard game to crack. Its hard to imagine this game was written 27 years ago. A real gem in gaming.

Now all thats left is to insert the cards. Now what was the right order again....

Sosaria is saved once again. Long live the Avatar.

End Game
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