Ultima VII - Day 9

Day 9 on my blog. Getting harder to spend quality gaming time. You may notice in between blogs the days seems to disappear. Getting quiet busy outside my gaming life. After a great time in Despise I was let down with Terfin. Pretty boring lamo town. I spoke with everyone and then decided to find the Sultan of Spektran. Hopping on my magic carpet we headed off leaving Terfin in the dust.

An awfully witting chap if I may say so. He boasted how strong his vault was and that if I could break in I could keep the Ethereal ring. He did not know who he was messing with. Once I stepped on the pressure pad the door open to unleash some sort of Harpie creature. Reminded me of WOW. Jaana seemed to run but the rest of us nailed the sucker.

I found a key in the Sultan's room and unlocked the vault with no problems. I emptied it in fact. Got my ring and will head back to Moonglow to try and stabalise the energy field at Pendrumbra's house.
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