Ultima III - Day 2

Today I had to create a new party. I kept dying. I decided to try and change my tactics. This time I’ve thrown out the thief and chosen a ranger. This seems to be working a lot better. I find Ultima III very hard, a lot harder than the previous Ultimas.

The messages from the conversations are pretty cryptic and even with the hint guide its tough. I’ve basically been staying close to Britannia, killing monsters then running back to town to heal. I braved a dungeon and found the mark of kings.

Mark of the Kings

I can now level up my hit points by speaking with Lord British. I make my way down to level 2 of Perinian Depths and found a found that healed all my hit points. Very nice.

Healing Fountain

My task now is to get on board a pirate ship and try and make it to Ambrosia to get some of my stats up. My wizard and cleric are pretty poor at present and I’m hanging out to try the higher level spells.
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