Ultima VII - Day 8

Day two in Despise. I managed to wipe out the evil mages before teleporting up the invisible staircase then to be confronted by two more soldiers.

There are two teleport pads. One of them sends you back to Britain, the orchard and the other sends you to a room that seems has no exit. Moving north you find the wall is invisible and opens to a chamber full of sleep rain. Following the tunnel further it opens out to a room with goodies. I grabbed everything I could and teleported back to the first set of tunnels. The headless attacked again but Iolo's crossbow was far too strong.

After passing more traps that never seem to disarm correctly I made my way back to the entrance. A classic dungeon and well designed. It reminded my of the AD&D days. I headed back to Britain to offload my treasures in exchange for gold. Grabbing the magic carpet Terfin was my next destination.

Darn gargoyles, pretty rude. Guess they are still pissed after the False Prophet.

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