Ultima III Day 1

I know this is completely out of order but I could not resist playing Ultima III. I located a great new remake which respects Origin’s 1983 version to the full. It gives everything the 1983 version gave but more.

Ultima III

You can download the trial version from here for free or pay €13 for a full copy. Its well worth the money. Lets hope they release Ultima I,II,IV,V. That would be very cool. I think this is the only remake worth playing. They rest sort of loose the Ultima feel.

I might have to refer to the guide which I tracked down some time back: Secrets of Sosaria - A guide to the realm of Exodus: Ultima III

Secrets of Sosaria

I start off right near Lord British’s castle. After speaking with him nothing is really clear. I think what I need to do is equip my characters and head off to slay some monsters and level a little. Sounds awfully wow’ish doesn’t it?

Lord British

One thing that looks very cool are the dungeons. The only trouble I have not worked out how or where to buy a torch. The dungeons are pitch black and only my Cleric can light the way for a short time. When you enter a terrifying voices hisses the dungeon’s name.


I’ve now reached level 2 (nice WOW level sounds) and have equipped my party with a few more items. Still no sign of a torch vender. I’ve made my way across Sosaria and arrived in Yew. My how its different to Ultima VII :)


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