Ultima VII - Day 12

The Forge Of Virtue. Incredible, I should of known. Minutes after entering there is an invisible wall heading to the north which leads you to the amulet. Grabbing it and you finish the test of truth. Very cool.

I'm really starting to like The Forge Of Virtue. Loads of people seemed to slag it off it but I think it holds out pretty well. After finishing the test of truth I spoke to the daemon in the mirror. He wants out and told me if I find a special gem this will free him from his bonds of the mirror. Don't know if I trust him but I have agreed to help.

My next test was the test of courage. A little out of order but I could not find out how to get to the portal for the test of love. Upon entering I was greeted by loads of skeletons and a liche chanting away. I was quick enough to kill him before he got dangerous. Gotta love my hoe of destruction. The spawns in the test of courage are pretty serious. Nothing seems to "die". Memories of WOW again. There are plenty of things to kill and after clearing out the dungeon I was left with the two helmets. Switching them seems to open a new gate to the north and one rude dragon.

He does not let me beat him and disappears, but leaving a blue gem. I decided to leave the way I came in and speak with the mage. The mage told me of a magic artifact. A sword which he never finished forging. He also told me the daemon would be trapped inside the gem I found If freed. I smashed the mirror with the gem and the daemon was mine. I searched the mages room to find the way into the test of love was via the wall. Its a door. Entering inside I found myself in the test of love.

Test of love is pretty cool. Speaking with the stone golems I assisted to try and resurrect the fallen one. Grabbing blood from a tree and chanting strange spells I managed to restore his life only to find his brother then sacrificed himself.

More blood and a heart from the tree and both golems were happy. They gave me the talisman and I was back outside the test. Eager to forge the black sword I spoke to the mage. He teleported me to the main hall where around us the blacksmith gear appeared.

I took over where the mage had finished and forged the black sword. The last part being to embed the sword with the gem and daemon. My black sword was now complete and kicks arse.

Now one last task to do. Kill that rude dragon. I entered in his room, this time no fear and attacked hard, the black sword did its job and the dragon was no more.

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