Ultima VII Part Two - Day 2


The thing I love about Fawn is its different from other cities in Ultima. The white stone with a washed blue backdrop. But Fawn hides a dark mystery. The oracle is really controlled by Voldin in his secret tower. He had been manipulating the Oracle for many years. You are sentenced to death by discovering the truth but after proving yourself innocent Lady Yelinda lets you go free. Rewarding you with a crystal rose. Not sure what the rose is for but I gather later on it will reveled.

After Fawn I headed down to the Sleeping Bull pub to see if I could get passage to Moonshade. I discovered that Captain Hawk had been arrested and lockup up in the tower. I was then approached by Selina and she mentioned of some gold stashed to the north. She joined the party and showed the way.

Strange things afoot

We arrived at the stash and it was ambush. The place was ridden with teleport traps and vile creatures. Nearly lost my entire party as Selina slipped away with her blink ring.

Returning with the gold I paied the pikemen and Captain Hawk was set free. Just before leaving I wanted to check out the basement of the pub. Something was just not right. I found a secret door on the north wall and this let me too Silverplate's treasure map and key. Where the treasure is I do not know.

Finally Captain Hawk was ready to sail and we headed off for Moonshade. Only just surviving the teleport storm the ship was tossed onto the coast of Moonshade.

Teleport Storm

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