Ultima VIII - Day 13

This has certainly been a long journey. Confined to Pagan the Avatar does now seek all the elements so he can defeat the Guardian and try to return to his home world.

Lithos's Grave

Deep inside the Pit of Death I find the heart of Lithos which is used as the earth element. Returning to Argent Rock Isle I retrieve the Breath of Wind which is the air element. The last element is hidden in the castle in Tenebrae. Devon found it in his fishing net when fishing one day. The Tear of Seas.

Now with all the elements I head back to speak to Mythran. He teaches me Ethereal Travel which enables me to travel to the Ethereal Void.

Ethereal Void

I take the first path which leads me to Hydra. She’s not too happy I have come to defeat her. I use the Tear of Seas on her and she is defeated.


The next path leads me though the Fire plain to Pyros. He summons his daemons to try to defeat me. I use the Tongue of Flame on him and he is no more.


Pyros defeated

I now head to find Stratos. Returning to find she waiting for me. I use the Breath of Air on her and she is defeated.

Stratos defeated

My last task is to find Lithos. Traveling through earth and fire and find Lithos. He unleashes his earth golems on me but I quickly use the heart of Earth on him. He is instantly defeated.


Lithos Defeated

Placing all the elements on the pentagram the black gate slowly rises. Inside I see daemons, spirits and other horrors stir. I only have but to walk through it to find the Guardian.

The Black Gate

The Guardian’s World and end game:

Guardian world

Guardian's world

Guardian's World

Guardian's World

Guardian's World

Guardian's World

I’m a little sad I’ve now that i’ve finished Ultima VIII. I remember starting in back in the 1990’s when it first came out. No mighty Sounds Canvas back then. I never did get to far before abandoning it. This time I’ve stuck through it. All of its good and bad points. After finishing Ultima VIII I don’t think it stands up to the earlier Ultimas. A real shame but it was fun to play and relive the worlds of ultima.

Now Ultima IX awaits me...
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